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(Hnizdovsky, Jacques)illus. SIGNUM ET VERBUM by Alexis Rannit. Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, NY, 1981. Tall 8vo., cloth-backed boards, slipcase, 44pp. plus notes and colophon. Translations from the Estonian by Henry Lyman. Edition of 32 copies, of which this is copy "X" of 26 lettered copies "A-Z;" there were also six "ad personam" copies for the collaborators. Each copy is signed by the designer Martino Mardersteig, the illustrator Jacques Hnizdovsky, the translator Henry Lyman, and the poet, Alexis Rannit. Fine. and (Hnizdovsky, Jacques)illus. SIGNUM ET VERBUM by Alexis Rannit. Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, NY, 1981. 8vo., three sets of corrected proofs, loose sheets in brown paper wrappers. Poems translated from Estonian by Henry Lyman, woodcut decorations by Hnizdovsky. Designed and printed by Martino Mardersteig at the Stamperia Valdonega. One set of the corrected proofs has comments and instructions by Hnizdovsky on the wrapper, with his initials JHn, and the date 9/25/81; also initialled "MM" by Mardersteig and "SV" for the printer. The second corrected set is initialed and dated "HL-10/16" by Henry Lyman on the front wrapper, and the third corrected set is initialed "EP" for the Elizabeth Press. The book was published in a limited edition of only 32 copies, plus a regular trade edition. These corrected proofs are likely unique. Fine Alexis Rannit is an Estonian emigre who is a professor at Yale. Jacques Hnizdovsky, 1915-1985, was born in the Ukraine and moved to the US in 1949. He was a master at both the artistic design and technical execution of the woodcut, producing over 350 prints during his career. He was also a designer and illustrator of books. He has long been a leading cultural figure in the Ukranian-American community, but is work is also avidly sought by print collectors and connoiseurs. James L. Weil began editing and publishing for his Elizabeth Press in 1961. Printing contemporary poetry, some of the authors published by Elizabeth Press besides its editor include Cid Corman, Paul Blackburn, Theodore Eslin , and Robert Creeley among others. Weil had the printing of his books completed elsewhere, often by the Italian printer, Stamperia Valdonega. Elizabeth Press continued its mission printing poetry for twenty years, ending operation in 1981. The Private Press Collection 

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