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Meryon, Charles. LE STRYGE. D.23, S.27. Etching, 1853. 6 3/4x5 1/4 inches; 171 x 130 mm., with wide margins. Schneiderman's Seventh, Delteil's Sixth state (of 10), or possibly an intermediate state between Schneiderman's States 6 and 7 (Delteil's states 5 and 6). Before the addition of the etched title, with the burnisher marks in the lower margin removed, or printing very faintly, with the diagonal lines through the initials almost disappearing, but with no perceptible additional work in the area to the right of the gargoyle's horn. Crowned coat-of-arms watermark. A good, strong impression of this early state with warm plate tone and with all the finest lines printing clearly. 

Inv num: 7325


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