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Sloan, John. NUDE ON THE FLOOR. M.257. Etching and engraving, 1931. Printed on Navarre paper, and Signed, titled and annotateds "100 poofs" all in pencil. As with so many of the Sloan prints, the actual edition size is less than 100, in this case, 75, of which 25 were printed by Platt, 25 by White, and 25 by Roth. 4 x 5 inches, 101 x 127 mm., with wide margins. In excellent condition. Sloan's comments about this print, as quoted by Morse: "One of the best of this group of etchings. Shows my interest in achieving foreshortening without perspective. I have said a great deal of this in my Gist of Art. Line engraving is introduced in this plate...One of the chef d'oeuvres of the lot when you consider that it was drawn directly in the smoked wax. I'd be bored if they were all like this in various degrees. If I had done fifty plates as good, there would be something the matter. This kind of merit might become very monotonous. I might become a skilled craftsman." "I have been playing around with the graver lately. It is very amusing and I like the clean severe line you can get with it. It is quite difficult to control a curved line, that is, to get something that isn't just an ordinary curve. This plate of the Nude on the Floor has a great deal of graved work in it. These sets of graved lines have something that etched lines don't have - a different tone." 

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