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Anonymous. WANTED POUR GENOCIDE. Screenprinted poster, c. 1972-74. 25 3/8 x 19 1/4 inches. Revolutionary poster accusing the Emperor of genocide in the deaths of 100,000 as a result of the famine in Northeastern Ethiopia in 1972-74. The famine helped to destabilize Haile Selassie's regime, which was overthrown by revolution in 1974. The full message, in mixed English and French, reads: "Wanted/ Pour Genocide/ Ethiopie:/ 100,000 morts de Faim; 5 millions en Peril/ Haile Sealssie Refoule Toute Aide Internationale!" Printed on fragile paper, in black and purple, with two holes in or near the matrix of the image, some small paper losses at the edges of the sheet, and uneven printing of some of the lettering. Despite it flaws this is a powerful image, and a document of the twilight days of the reign of one of the most extraordinary figures of the twentienth century, a reign which has been tragically followed by decades of war and instability. 

Inv num: 9779