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Sloan, John. SHINE, WASHINGTON SQUARE. Morse 206. Etching, 1923. Signed, titled and inscribed "100 proofs," and further inscribed "Peter Platt imp." Morse says that 80 were printed, 55 by Sloan, and 25 by Roth, and notes that "Platt also had this plate." It therefore seems likely that Platt would have printed the remaining 20 to complete the edition. A strong New York City subject showing the Park, the Arch, a double decker bus, well-dressed women and a shoeshine boy. Sloan, in a comment, states that John Leech's work was an influence, not Cruikshank's. "Cruikshank's people always have a quality of caricature." In excellent condition, with tack holes on three sides. 

Inv num: 10217


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