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Gramatte, Walter (German, 1897-1929). FIVE IMAGES FROM "FRAU", LA MUJER, LA AMABLE, LA CONFIADA AND LA AMANTE. Eckhardt 177, 178, 179 and 180 (two prints, one handcolored) and 181. Six etchings, one with hand-coloring, 1924. The colored etching signed "Walter Gramatte" and dated "24," the others signed "Walter," and date "24." The black and white plates each inscribed, "1)" and "Liebes", "2)" and "Loel", ,"4)" and "Bald" and "5) and Gesund;" the hand-colored print is "La Confiada." All printed in brown, and with plate tone on heavy, cream colored wove paper with deckled edges. Each 12 5/8 x 10 5/8 inches, 320 x 270 mm., (plates), and 20 1/2 x 13 5/8 inches, (sheets). These etchings were done in 1924, when Gramatte and his wife were living in Barcelona, which is the likely reason they were given Spanish titles. A projected edition, to be published by Hadern Verlag of Potsdam, was not realized, and as examples of these prints are very rare, it seems apparent that only a few proofs were printed. All in excellent condition. Walter Gramatte was born in Berlin in 1897. He served in the German army in WWI. After his discharge 1918, he lived in Berlin, where he knew and worked with Erich Heckel and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. He died of tuberculosis in 1929, in Hamburg. Gramatte's works were among those declared degenerate in 1933 by the Nazis, but after World War II there was renewed interest in his work. Although classed with the Expressionists, there was a strong element of mysticism and magic realism in his work. 

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