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Hirschfeld, Al (American, 1903-2003). MIDNIGHT COCKTAIL. Drawing, pencil on paper, not dated, but circa 1983. Signed and titled in pencil. 17 1/2 x 14 inches, 445 x 356 mm. In excellent condition. Though identified only with the title, this is certainly a portrait of the Italian-American singer/songwriter Gazebo (Paul Mazzolini), on whose 1983 album "Gazebo" (also known in its later re-issues as "I Like Chopin") his song "Midnight Cocktail" is featured. Photos of Gazebo from this period show him in tuxedo and bowtie, though the bowtie in this drawing is pure Hirschfeld). Here is Hirsdchfeld doing a psychological portrait rather than a caricature. We see only the mouth and neck of the subject, drawn with a line remininscent of Matisse, the tuxedo jacket and a buttoniere are also done with a simple line, while, in contrast, the bowtie is a complex and detailed mass of skillful crosshatching which reveal themselves to be the webbed claws of a nocturnal bat. 

Inv num: 12315