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Rouse & Mary A. Rouse, Richard H. MANUSCRIPTS AND THEIR MAKERS - COMMERCIAL BOOK PRODUCERS IN MEDIEVAL PARIS 1200-1500. Harvey Miller (Brepols), Belgium, 2000. 2 Volumes, cloth, DJs, 413 and 407pp., profusely illustrated. Fine in Fine DJs. From the DJ summary: "This two-volume publication examines in depth the organization, craftsmen, clients and products of the commercial book trade in Paris from 1200 to 1500, a time when the city was the uncontested centre of commercial manuscript pro- duction in Northern Europe. The first volume deals with the establishment of the Paris book trade, how it functioned and how it changed, always as a closeknit community of families whose lives are reconstructed from archives and from the manuscripts they produced. These chapters are documented with maps, diagrams, genealogies and illustrations of the manuscripts involved. The second volume contains a register of some 1200 short biographies of mem- bers of the medieval book trade in Paris, including scribes and illuminators such as Master Honore and Jean Pucelle. This important study, based on the series of Lyell Lectures in Bibliography recently given at the University of Oxford, makes a significant contribution to the history of art, the history of French Literature, the history of the book and the history of medieval Paris." This publication was well received for its scholarship. Here are excepts from some reviews: "This book is a landmark in the study of medieval books and illumination; the wealth of information, the detailed argument, the anecdotes and the rigorous analysis make it a delight to read and to have at hand." (R. Watson in National Art Library) "The reception for Manuscripts and their Makers in academic circles recognises the importance of the work for anyone concerned in any way with the manufacture and art of the medieval book." (A. Payne in The Art Newspaper) "... a long, complex and highly detailed study, but not only is it profoundly researched, it is beautifully written and both pleasurable and fascinating to read." (J. Lowden in Times Literary Supplement) "... it will be mined as a source of ideas and information for many years to come." (J. Lowden in Times Literary Supplement) "Art historians constantly run the risk of reconstructing a past in which the exceptional comes to be regarded as the norm. Richard and Mary Rouses' book is a wonderful cor 

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