Muller Jr., E. U.S. BATTLE FLEET STEAMING TOWARD MEXICAN WATERS, 1914 (WYOMING LEADS THE FLEET). Original gelatin silver photograph, printed in sepia, 1914. Signed, with "c" in a circle, "E. Muller, Jr. 18 x 23 3/4 inches, 458 x 604 mm. In very good condition except for a long but very skillfully repaired tear at left, and some darkening at the top and left edges from old matting. Mounted to Japanese tissue for conservation. An intensely atmospheric image showing eight ships of the U. S. Navy steaming in line, led by the Wyoming. A copy of this image, with portraits of three admirals superimposed over it appears online at history.navy.mil/photos/images/h60000/h60322.jpg. Enrique Muller and his son, Robert E. Muller (who practiced under the name "E. Muller Jr.") are perhaps the most noted of the small band of early 20th Century photographers who specialized in naval subjects. The father, born in Germany in 1846, arrived in the United States about twenty years later. He appears to have begun photographing ships on a commercial basis during the later 1890s, mainly in the waters around New York City, where both father and son resided. Muller's excellent quality views of the ships of the "Great White Fleet" era are especially significant. Robert E. Muller appears to have taken over the business by the early "Teens", and all Muller photos we have dated after 1914 bear the name "E. Muller Jr."