Knapton and Arthur Pond, Charles. 44 ENGRAVED PLATES AFTER CLAUDE LORRAINE, GASPARD POUSSIN AND OTHERS. London, 1741-46. Published by Charles Knapton and Arthur Pond. 12 1/8 x 15 3/4 inches; 308 x 400 mm. (plate); 16 x 22 3/8 inches; 405 x 568 mm. (sheet). Of the 44 plates, there are 9 plates after Claude Lorrain, 31 after Poussin (Gaspard Dughet, Italian painter 1615-1675), and one each after Rembrandt, Salvador Rosa, Filippo Lauri, and Giacomo Cortesi. All fine, strong impressions, almost all in very good condition. A few with soiling and foxing, some with occassional spots of light foxing in the margins. Complete, but disbound, with the covers (very worn) and the marbled endpapers present. Engravers include Jean Baptiste Claude Chatelain, 1710-71 (11), J. Wood (8), James Mason, 1710-80 (9), Francois Vivares, 1709-80 (11), P. C. Canot, 1710-77 (2), and Granville (2). There is one plate, Claude's Landscape with a Rural Dance, with etching by Chatelain and engraving by Vivares, noted in Godfrey, "Printmaking in Britain" (NYU Press, NY, 1978), as "one of the earliest engavings after Claude to be published in England (p. 44). Godfrey also states, "Vivares and Chatelain are important...for their prints after Gaspar Poussin, Patel, Claude and Rosa." Arthur Pond, 1705-58, was a painter, printmaker, publisher and collector. His publishing venture with Charles Knapton, 1700-60, produced a famous series of 70 prints between 1732 and 1736 which imitated drawings, as well as this series, in collaboration with the engravers Chatelain and Vivares. An entry under Mason in the Devon Library's directory of members of the British Book Trades, referencing this series of prints reads as follows: "MASON, James, engraver, Phoenix Court, Hart Street. Covent Garden 1763; Phoenix Alley, Long Acre 1764 Windmill Street, Tottenham Court Road 1765-69; n<1 10 176869; Paddington 1771; 3, Winchester Row, Paddington 1772-74; 15, Winchester Row 1776-83. B. c1710; d. c1785. Landscape engraver fl. 1743-83. A series of plates after Claude and Gasper Poussin was publ. by Arthur Pond 1743-48. Many engravings after Scott, Lambert, Serres, Bellers etc. cl 75()-70. Employed by Boydell 1769-72. Exhibited Society of Artists 1761 -83, Free Society 1761-fi7. I,ast plate publ. 178fi. DNB; Thieme and Becker." The following material relating to Calude Lorraine and Gaspard Poussin is quoted from "The Class
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