Kelly, Tom (American, died 1998). ADAM AND EVE EXPELLED FROM THE GARDEN OF EDEN. Wood, leather, wire, polychrome paint and other materials, 1998. 14 (l) x 15 (w) x 19 (h) inches. A folk art representation of the angel Gabriel expelling Adam and Eve from the Garden. The garden is represented as a patch of green enclosed by a picket fence inside which Adam and Eve stand naked but each covered with a leaf. Eve holds an apple in her hand. The angel, also naked and covered with a leaf, carries a sword. In the center stands the Tree of Knowledge, with the serpent coiled around its trunk, and with apples growing on its branches. In excellent condition. Little is known about Tom Kelly except that he lived with his parents in Massachusetts, suffered with mental and emotional difficulties, and committed suicide shortly after this work was completed. He apparently sold some works to a dealer during his lifetime. This work was acquired from a different dealer, who purchased it, along with a few other of his pieces, from his family after his death.

Price: $875.00