BOOK aa4

Roth, Dieter. BOOK aa. Dobke, page 149. Published by edition mat, Paris, 1959. Edition of 100 of which only 60 were competed. One of Roth's early books, categorized by Dobke as "Book," with numerous variations: "Portfolio of 18-24 sheets, black and white, or coloured card with handcut slots of different sizes." Titled, numbered "4," signed in pencil and with thumbprint, and dated November, 1959. 20 sheets, each 38 cm. (15 in.) square, 9 on black paper, 9 on white, with designs consisting of groups of hand-cut slots of different sizes, plus two sheets, one black, one white, which do not have cuts, and which presumably are intended as contrasting backing for the others. With a wood stand and a thick glass overlay for display of the sheets, each slightly more than 15 x 30 inches to accommodate the sheets placed side by side. Sheets can be displayed in a very large variety of arrangements, as each is amenable to both vertical and horizontal orientation. Housed in a recently made cloth covered box. It seems likely that the display stand and the plexi overlay were made for exhibition of the book by Roth, or under his direction, as the stand bears a label "aa7," indicating that it may have been associated with that copy of this work. From the estate of Janet Farrell, who did publicity work for International Exhibitions the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. Some evidence of light use, else in Fine condition. see: This book is similar to Book AC, illustrated on the MOMA page. Roth's first radical book experiments, in which he gave rise to an entirely new art form: the artist's book, which does not describe or reproduce artwork, but rather is artwork, itself. Containing no text, images, or binding, and with no set orientation or sequence, Roth's books (1958-64) are activated by the reader's actions and imagination. (From the catalogue of the MOMA exhibition "Wait, Later This Will Be Nothing," a 2013 show devoted to Roth's books).
Inventory # 12516