Corbett and Colin Eisler, Patricia. THE PRAYER BOOK OF MICHELINE DA BESOZZO. Braziller, NY, 1982. 8vo., stamped velvet covered boards, pictorial slipcase, introduction by Eisler, texts by Eisler and Corbett, about 90pp. color plates reproducing the original manuscript. David Becker's copy, formerly Philip Hofer's copy, with a gift inscription to Hofer from "Charles and Muffy," dated in 1984 (Charles Pierce was then the Director of the Morgan; Muffy Barker the Assistant Director), and with a lengthy inscription by Hofer on his bookplate discussing aspects of his personal history with the Morgan. This is the text of the bookplate inscription: PHILIP HOFER (printed on the bookplate), then, handwritten: "who can hardly believe that through Charles and Muffy he is an Honorary Fellow of the Pierrepont Morgan Library after long years, when he was in disfavor due to Belle Greene and Henry S. Morgan. I was the 1st appointed Asst Director of the P. M.L. (1934-37 1/2), but resigned as Belle Greene did not want a possible successor. She lived 11 more yrs." See "An Illuminated Life: Belle Da Costa Greene's Journey from Prejudice to Privilege" By Heidi Ardizzone, p 443 for some discussion of Hofer's departure from the Morgan, in which it is stated that he left no written record of his reasons for leaving. +morgan+library&source=bl&ots=-zsAvvwMu_&sig=GMsItLKuHwmtFV5y4QlnziBhWss&hl=en&s a=X&ei=KExlUvvuLJPl4AO96YHACQ&ved=0CEMQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=philip%20hofer%20morga n%20library&f=false Fine throughout. $125.00
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