Young, Art. "DISHWASHERS WANTED" - ORIGINAL DRAWING. India Ink and charcoal on paper, n.d. 12 3/4 x 19 1/4 inches. Signed in ink at the lower right of the image. Powerful Depression era drawing for a political cartoon. A large, diverse crowd of men gathered to apply for a job as restaurant dishwasher. Captioned in the margin below, as follows: Restaurant Manager: "Get in line there. Two dollars a day, twelve hours, and all you want to eat..."Drifting" Dave: Get that, kid? All you want to eat, and no time to eat it. Excellent condition, framed. Art Young, 1866-1943, was one of America's great political cartoonists. He was one the orginal editors of The Masses, was a defendant in two trials for sedition brought against the magazine by the Government during World War One, and later drew political cartoons for the Nation and other liberal and radical political magazines.