Campendonk, Heinrich. FRAU MIT BLUME. Engels 32. Woodcut 1918. 7 x 4 3/4 inches; 179 x 121 mm. (image), 10 3/4 x 8 7/16 iches; 273 x 214 mm. (sheet). Printed on tissue-thin laid paper, signed inpencil and dated 1918. This example does not fully conform to any of the states described by Engels. Although it is printed on Japan paper and signed (state "e"), it is also dated, and is on a larger sheet (273 x 214 mm.) than the version published in "Das Holzscnittbuch," 1920 (250 x 200 mm.). The edition published as the frontispiece in Schurmeyer's "Heinrich Campendonk," 1920 (state "d") is on a larger sheet (285 x 220 mm.), but was not signed. The other published states "b" and "c" had text on the verso, and state "a" exists in a single example printed on China paper. In a note, Engels indicates that there are falsely signed examples of this print, but that they are on machine-made paper. Based on a comparison with other Campendonk signatures we believe that this is an authentic signature, and that the print is a proof aside from either state "d" or "e." A very good impression with some chips and tears in the margins, professionally mounted to thin Japan tissue for conservation.
Inventory # 6297