Grozelier, Leopold (American, 1830-1865) after Thomas Hicks (American, 1823-1890). HON.ABRAHAM LINCOLN.. Lithograph, 1860. Published by W. William Schaus, and printed by J. H. Bufford's, Boston. 27 x 21 inches (the full sheet). The first state, without the extended title ("Hon. Abranham Lincoln/Republican Candidate for the Presidency, 1860"), without Grozelier's printed signature, without the publisher's name, and before the final work at the margins, and the addition of the Imprint line. In excellent condition. Framed. Rare in both states.
The Library of Congress entry on this work describes it as follows: "Print showing Abraham Lincoln, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right. Thomas Hicks painted a portrait of Lincoln at his office in Springfield specifically for this lithograph." A photograph taken by Hesler was also used by Hicks as a source for the painted portrait, as apparently Lincoln could not be available for the number of sittings that would have been required were the portrait painted fully from life.
Allen Thorndike Rice, in his book "Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln by Distinguished Men of His Time" quotes Lincoln as saying "It will give the people of the East a correct idea how I look at home, and, in fact, how I look in my office. I think the picture has a somewhat pleasanter expression than I usually have, but that, perhaps, is not an objection" (Page 602).
Inventory # 13574