Antique Shows

In July I exhibited at the Camden Antiques Show in Camden, Maine. It was at the worst of the heat wave, but the show promoters had found a provider who was able to blow cold air into the facility using generators and compressors set up outside the building. The show was well attended. Early on I sold two J.H. Hill lithographed city views from 1856, "Portland" and "Bangor," a very beautiful copy of Arthur Wesley Dow's rare book "By Salt Marshes," and a wood relief by famed main sculptor Bernard Langlais.

I stayed at a lovely hotel in Rockport, with a view of the ocean. Exhausted on Friday after the set-up, I bought a few snacks and ate outside the room watching the evening turn to night. But refreshed and elated with my successes on Saturday, I had a delicious dinner after the show at 18 Central Oyster Bar and Grill overlooking Rockport Harbor. Sunday, as is so often the case, the show was quiet. WIth the help of the show's porters, I was able to get out quickly and easily, and home early.

In September I plan to do the DiSimone's show in Portland, and in December their new show at the Shriner's facility in Wilmington, MA.