Dr. Edgar BURKE

Dr. Edgar Burke (1889-1950) was a New Jersey surgeon who was also
an avid sportsman with interests in fishing (he designed some
trout flies which are still standards), wildfowling, and pigeon
racing. He was also an artist whose subject matter was drawn from
the areas of his sporting interest. Burke's did many watercolors
and gouaches of game birds, and also painted the champion pigeons
of his racing club. He was a close friend of Eugene V. Connett
III, publisher of the Derrydale Press, and through this
connection he was commissioned to illustrate two books, Feathered
Game (1929) and Upland Game Bird Shooting in America (1930), as
well as providing covers for Grouse Feathers, and De Shootinest
Gent'man, among others. He also did plates for Ray Bergman's book "Trout."
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