Althea AMAND

pAlthea Amand is from Michigan where she studied architecture at the University of Michigan, and later obtained a Master's degree in English Literature from San Francisco State University. She has been painting for twenty five years, and has studied and exhibited at the Art Students League in New York City. She has also lived, worked and exhibited her paintings in San Francisco. She presently lives in a small village in France.

Her work is generated primarily from her imagination, rarely using models or depending on specific scenes or incidents for her subjects. Although they work on their own as well composed and colored painted forms, groups of figures with titles like Five Men, Five More Men, Argument, Men Eating, or Cafe invite the viewer to construct a personal narrative about the very human personages, some looking violent, some depressed, some perfectly composed and at ease. She works in oils or acrylics on canvas, and in oil pastels on paper.

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