(Coltrane, John). JOHN COLTRANE - BLUE TRAIN - ORIGINAL POSTER FOR BLUE NOTE RECORDS, after a photograph by Francis Wolff. Offset Lithograph, not dated. Printed in England. About 55 x 39 inches +/-, framed. In excellent condition. Francis Wolff was one of the founders, producers and buisiness executives of Blue Note records. His photographs of recording sessions are legendary and have been collected and published in two books. "Blue Train" was recorded in 1957, but there is no indication as to when this poster was produced. There are numerous recent digital reproductions of similar posters for Blue Train using other Wolff photos of Coltrane, none that we have seen is in this size, nor do they have, as this does, the "Blue Note Records" logo in the image under Coltrane's name, near the top. We believe this poster to be quite scarce.
Inventory # 9291