Vuillard, Eduard. LA NAISSANCE D'ANNETTE (Birth of Annette). Roger-Marx 44. Lithograph in six colors, circa 1899. The second state of three, before all of the following: the reduction of the image size, the substitution of brighter red for the softer red or pink in the flowered pattern of the bedding, the addition of the registration marks at left and right, and the addition of the brighter red at the bottom of the wine bottle. The edition sizes of the three states are not known (State 1 was uncolored, and it and State 2 are described by Roger-Marx as very rare). The third state, which is pictured in the Roger-Marx catalogue was intended, according to him, to be included in an album to be published by Vollard, for which purpose 100 were printed, but the album was never produced, The plates appear not to have been signed in any of the states. Image about 16 1/2 x 22 1/2 inches 420 x 570 mm. (Note that the smaller dimensions (34 x 40 cm.) provided by Roger-Marx are for the Third State, after the size was reduced. Note also, that a much smaller version (c 12 x 14 inches) of state 3 was printed by Mourlot for use in the Roger-Marx catalogue). A scarce, lovely and delicate image. In excellent condition and very attractively framed.
Inventory # 12292