Rodo-Boulanger, Graciela. LE CHEVAL BLANC. Lublin 16. Etching in colors, 1967. Edition of 100 printed on Rives paper. Signed in pencil. 19 1/8 x 24 3/4 inches; 490 x 630 mm. In excellent condition. Framed. Graciela Rodo-Boulanger, was born in Bolivia in 1935. While living in Argentina she first saw the work of the printmaker Johnny Friedlaender, and was inspired to study printmaking. She moved to Paris in 1961, and studied with Friedlaender until 1968. Rodo-Boulanger is today one of the most popular and successful artists in the world, her trademark subjects being stylized children and animals. Her popular appeal notwithstanding, she a master of the technical processes of color etching. Her earlier works, including this one, have a stateliness, restraint and elegance which echoes, in representational subjects, the abstract subjects of Friedlaender, and which contrasts with the livelier exhuberance of her later work. Whereas most of the earlier prints were color etchings published in editions of 100 or 150, the more recent work tends to be in lithography with edition sizes of 250 or more.
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