Meryon, Charles. LE POMPE NOTRE DAME. Etching, 1852. 6 11/16 x 9 7/8 inches; 172 x 252 mm. S. 26 State x/x, D/W 31, State ix/ix, with the intials "CM" at top right, the numeral 8 at bottom left, the title and the date printed bottom, center, and the name and address of Delatre, the printer, bottom right. Per Schneiderman and Delteil, this is one of an edition of 30 copies printed in 1861 (an edition of 600 had been printed of D/W's state vii, Schneiderman's state viii, and published in L"Artiste in 1852. A strong impression, printed on Hudelist paper with margins of about 3 1/2 inches all around("...many of the most beautiful impressions are found on fine quality paper. The most common is a fine light cream laid paper, with the Hallines or Hudelist watermark." Schneiderman, p. 16). In excellent condition, except with a very small spot of foxing in the lower margin, right, about two inches below the plate mark.
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