(Ortiz, Eduardo (Chevo)). Mata Ortiz Pottery. OLLA. Globular form about 8 inches high and eight inches in diameter. Signed on the rounded bottom. Highly detailed "black on Black," incised and burnished design. In excellent condition, with no flaws or damage. Eduardo Ortiz was an early potter at Mata Ortiz, and is credited as being the first of the Mata Ortiz potters to do "black on black" decoration, and although he is now deceased, is still considered to have been a master of the medium. His work is especially well regarded not only for the quality of his decorating technique, but also for the lightness and delicacy of the pots. He is featured in the book "The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz." His son, Eligio Ortiz, whose work shows his father's influence is among the most highly regarded Mata Ortiz of the present time.
Inventory # 12053