Isherwood, Christopher. POSTCARD TO MATTHEW BRUCCOLI. A handwritten card, dated August 16, 1977 from Isherwood to Bruccoli respinding to a letter from Bruccoli regarding a screenplay for FitzGerald's "The Beautiful and the Damned" written by Isherwood and Don Bachardy. The text of the card reads as follows:
"Dear Professor Bruccoli
Thank you for your letter. Could you first tell me - have you read our Beautiful & Damned screenplay? What is the publishing arrangement? How much money are you prepared to pay? There are certain legal complications, and it is no use even investigating them until we know the answers to these questions.
Christopher Isherwood
It would also be useful for us to know how you heard of the existence of this screenplay? It hasn't yet been produced as a film."
The screenplay was never produced, nor was any arrangement reached with Bruccoli, who is best known as the leading authority on F. Scott Fitzgerald. The tone of the response, and the use of a card rather than a letter for a response, seem to imply annoyance on the part of Isherwood at Bruccoli's knowing about the screenplay and his apparent interest publishing it.
The Isherwood/Bachardy screenplay dated 1975, is among Isherwood's papers at the Huntington Library.
A pencil notation that appears to read "fr him to MJB 10%", and a crease to the card, else in very good condtion.
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