Bentley, Harvey Wilder (aka Wilder Bentley the Elder, 1900-1990. SEVEN DRAWINGS. Sumi ink and brush, 1948-51. Each signed and dated in the artist's flowing handwriting, and with his red chop; four (Centaur, A Human Lectern, Desolate Woman, and Done to Debussy) titled directly on the sheet, two (Bal Masque and Present Arms) titled by the artist on the mat, one (Figure with Pole or Rod) not titled. Each in it's original paper mat. All in excellent condition except for minor smudging of the ink in the title of Done to Debussy and the Signature of Desolate Woman. These emulate Chinese or Japanese brush calligraphy, and while all are clearly figurative, they approach abstraction. Harvey Wilder Bentley, was a California painter, printmaker, and printer of fine books at his own Archetype Press.
Inventory # 12496