Whistler, James A. M. ST. JAMES'S STREET. 169, Glascow 178 Etching and Drypoint, 1878. The fourth State of four, with the plate cut down. Signed in the plate with the butterfly lower left. Printed on cream laid paper. 11 1/8 x 6 1/8 inches; 283 x 156 mm. (plate), 14 1/8 x 8 3/4 inches; 359 x 222 mm. (sheet). A later impression showing wear, with the butterfly printing weakly. In very good condition.
Whistler was commssioned do this etching by Vanity Fair magazine, which reproduced it in lithography and printed with the image in reverse. Whistler was to meet the editor of Vanity Fair at the Albermarle Hotel, and went there for lunch and drew the plate on the spot. Apparently he did not have money to pay for lunch, so wrote letters to two friends to meet him and bring money, as he was embarrassed to have Vanity Fair think that they would be required to pay for his lunch as well as for the picture. But apparently this was all a publicity stunt to gain attention for the publication of the print, as the story was in all the papers over the next days. Neverthless, an astonishing image, filled with the architectural and street detal of this busy and well traficked avenue.
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