Bellows, George. THE DRUNK. Mason 169. Lithograph, 1923/4. 15 5/8 x 13 inches (398 x 330 mm.). Edition of 35-50. Titled and signed "Geo. Bellows." Excellent condition. Mason says in reference to this print: "Because of the unnaturally stilted positioning that forced the figures into a triangular design, this print is frequently cited as a prime example of Bellows' fascination with the artistic theory of Dynamic Symmetry, and his application of the theory" (p 213). Further, "River-Front (Mason 168) is one of the numerous works obviously influenced by Bellows' dedication to Jay Hambridge's theory of Dynamic Symmetry that Charles H. Morgan described as 'a series of geometric formulae governing the relationship of squares and rectangles within a composition (p212)'"
Inventory # 5234