Dine, Jim. THE HANDPAINTED PORTRAIT ON THIN FABRIANO PAPER. D'Oench and Feinberg 44. Etching, Drypoint and electric tools, 1979. Edition of 6 (there were three Artist's Proofs and one Printer's Proof), signed and dated in pencil and numbered "1/6." Printed once in brown and once in black, and then colored by hand in pink, blue, green, yellow, and flesh-colored oil paints between the printings, and then with white grease-crayon after printing. 14 3/8 x 13 7/8 inches, 366 x 353 mm. (plate), 30 5/8 x 22 7/8 inches, 778 x 581 mm. (sheet). Printed by Ami Rosenberg at Burston Graphic Center, Jerusalem, and published by Pace Editions. There are two printer's creases original to the work, faint mat discoloration around the image, and rippling of the paper likely due the variety of media used in the coloring; nevertheless an excellent example of Dine's experimentation and risk-taking as a printmaker. This self-portrait is the third state of a series of 9, D and F 42-50, which are successive states of the same plate, but they are catalogued as separate works, rather than as progressive states of the same work.
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