Bury, Pol. X CINETIZATIONS. Lefebre Gallery, NY, 1966. Edition of 62, with ten screenprints, each numbered 20/62 and signed in pencil. Large folio, linen portfolio with flaps and ties, containing title, essay by Andre Balthazar, the ten prints, and justification page. 24 1/2 x 18 inches. The whole in excellent condition. Around 1964, the artist started creating his Cinetizations: photographs and prints depicting well-known monuments, but with the architectural structure fundamentally altered. In a Cinetization featuring the Eiffel Tower, the iron structure appears to wobble as if on the brink of collapse. Bury's sculptures and Cinetizations both demonstrate moments of physical contingency that belie gravity's certain pull. In a 1969 interview, the artist explained: "I am searching for the point which exists between the moving and the non-moving." (from Guggenheim Museum biographical notes about Pol Bury).
Inventory # 12994